sub·mis·sion  (sb-mshn) n.1. a.The act of submitting to the power of another:         b.The state of having submitted. See Synonyms at surrender.     2. The state of being submissive or compliant; meekness.     3. a. The act of submitting something for consideration.          b. Something so submitted        The word "submission" doesn't roll off … Continue reading Submission

An open letter to my dad : “Everything You Do Matters”

Dear Dad, Last night I attended a "black-tie optional" American Cancer Society Gala fundraiser as a guest of a friend.  I was a bit out of my league - I had to buy a dress and heels and Neil had to buy a suit. We'd never been to anything like it and we had fun.  Just … Continue reading An open letter to my dad : “Everything You Do Matters”

Another Good Day To Be Alive

Three hours into my second day of skiing I already needed a break.  It was a powder day, but here in the Pacific Northwest "powder" is still heavy, requiring effort to get back up  if you go down.  I had already required several extractions that morning: double ejection face-plants necessitating  climbing uphill to search for … Continue reading Another Good Day To Be Alive