How We Became Breast Cancer Thrivers

I am thrilled to be one of 43 remarkable women and 1 man whose lives were changed by a breast cancer diagnosis.  We have written our stories of courage and struggle, hope and compassion and are sharing them with you for free in the new e-book “How We Became Breast Cancer Thrivers” .  Please click on the link to download the free book and share it with your family and friends.  It is our hope that through sharing our challenges and successes that other survivors will know that they are part of a vast network of support and sisterhood.

Publisher Beverly Vote writes:

This free book was created out of our need to give back after our lives were strengthened by others reaching out to us when we needed help for our next step forward. It is now our turn to reach out in hopes of making a difference for others.

In the 44 chapters, we candidly share the experiences that changed us from being scared and helpless to living an empowered life. You will read about choice, advocacy, support, advanced stages and recurrence of breast cancer, divorce after breast cancer, new careers, new love, life lessons, and life purpose. Many chapters include messages how their Faith and a higher spiritual power played a role in how to thrive. Others learned how to believe in themselves and that their life mattered. Some of us believe that our diagnosis of breast cancer wasn’t meant to be a death sentence as projected by the medical experts, but a calling to heal not only our body but to heal our life and to show us a new way of life.

Feel free to forward this e-book to anyone and as many others as your heart desires, and invite them to forward to others. Just as others freely and compassionately gave to us, it is in that spirit we we felt a need to give back, and to give forward.


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