March Madness



This is the view I long for come March.

It has always been this way – I make it through the holidays and then am plunged into emotional darkness in late January. Back in the late 80’s the doctors said I had Seasonal Affective Disorder,  in the 90’s it was Major Depressive Disorder, in 2000, it was an Anxiety Disorder and in the past ten years, I need mega doses of Vitamin D.

I think that halfway through winter, I just miss the dirt.

I don’t take pills, though there have been times when I have needed to and didn’t, and times when I needed to and was glad for the assistance re-configuring whatever had gone haywire in my head. I just know that for me, attention and action are better long term choices for healing.

What I have found helps the most is time outside – gardening, hiking, skiing. The sun on my face, the smell of tree sap, fresh air and the sound of the breeze work wonders on my soul. Turns out, being outside – and specifically in the DIRT – is GOOD FOR YOU!

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