This is a an essay from my best friend, sister and soul-mate in writing Shelly Weathers.. I couldn’t agree with her more. I don’ think her statements here apply only to writing, but to the entire creative process. The balance between sacred space and necessary output is one that is hard to manage as my son and daughter can also attest (vision and production artists, not writers). And like Shelly, I do not believe that I must lose sleep in order to be a “serious writer”. My writing floats around in my head waiting to come to fruition on the page….but it waits until the RIGHT moment, not just any old in-between-the -dishes-and laundry time.

(And, yes, I am the one that sent the Pema Chodron quote…..)


A work in progress A work in progress

Consider this conversation I had with my nine year old today:

“I need some stuff so I can write a letter to my cousins.”

“That’s a great idea. What do you need?”

“Pajamas, purple ink pens, lined paper, a cup of yogurt—no—a carrot so it won’t melt under the blanket, ice water in a bottle, one of the red blankets—the small ones, not the short ones because those won’t cover my whole body, and a fan right over me so I don’t get hot under the blanket, and the flashlight so I can see.”

“Why not leave the blanket off? So you have light and air.”


“But if you’re too hot?”

“I have to be under the blanket to write what I’m thinking about.”

“Can you share with me what you’re thinking about?”

“Whatever I come up with while I’m writing.”

A peek at creative necessity A peek at creative necessity


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This Is Home

The journey to my pebbled beach is much longer than the ten footsteps the stream measures across.. The minutes stretch into hours that seem like seconds. The days pass, the calendar marked by new blossoms and ripening berries. It is only here in the dappled sunlight that I am fully at peace, the grating urgency of my city life soothed....


sub·mis·sion  (sb-mshn) n.1. a.The act of submitting to the power of another:         b.The state of having submitted. See Synonyms at surrender.     2. The state of being submissive or compliant; meekness.     3. a. The act of submitting something for consideration.          b. Something so submitted        The word "submission" doesn't roll off … Continue reading Submission