Moving Into Fear (or Basic Buddhism for Skiers)

Skiing has taught me one thing with certainty – resistance only increases the chance of receiving the opposite outcome than I intended. For those of you unenlightened non-skiing people, here is a brief ski lesson: the front end (tip)  is the steering end, the back-end (tail) acts as a gas pedal.  Regardless of my young … Continue reading Moving Into Fear (or Basic Buddhism for Skiers)

Resistance is futile

One of my favorite bad guy lines of all time is “ Resistance is Futile “ courtesy of  The Borg from Star Trek Next Generation.  The Borg were a collective entity that assimilated their victims in an attempt to reach a sort of computerized all–knowing perfection.  Their standard “resistance is futile” line was the last … Continue reading Resistance is futile

Saying Goodbye

I recently attended the “funeral” of my beautiful friend Leslie who is in fact still living. This may seem like a shockingly bizarre thing to hold, much less attend, but her life changed abruptly and dramatically in an instant, leaving her with little resemblance between the “before” and “after” Leslie. While coming home from work … Continue reading Saying Goodbye