Touching The Vein

A friend had an opportunity to read her writing aloud at our MFA residency.  She is well liked and outgoing and we were familiar with her story.  There should have been no surprises; it should have felt like a safe environment. She read an excerpt from her journal about the challenges of raising a daughter … Continue reading Touching The Vein

Wonder Land

A version of this can be seen in issue  #41 of SUGAR MULE LITERARY MAGAZINE: WOMEN WRITING NATURE I am most at peace away from buildings and street noise, surrounded by lush evergreens. Only in the wilderness do I feel truly steady, my feet rooted in the ground. The trails and dirt roads of the … Continue reading Wonder Land

Another Good Day To Be Alive

Three hours into my second day of skiing I already needed a break.  It was a powder day, but here in the Pacific Northwest "powder" is still heavy, requiring effort to get back up  if you go down.  I had already required several extractions that morning: double ejection face-plants necessitating  climbing uphill to search for … Continue reading Another Good Day To Be Alive

Rules for Love

I am away at grad school, an all-encompassing adventure that I am halfway through with. I am pursuing a MFA through Goddard College and each semester we meet on the shores of Puget Sound  at Port Townsend for a week-long residency of learning and sharing.  These are intense days, packed with emotion and growth and … Continue reading Rules for Love