Why Not Now?

(This is the text from a speech I gave for the opening ceremonies of the Monroe/Sky Valley, Washington  Relay for Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society on June 2, 2012 and, by request, in a slightly altered form at the Arlington, Washington Relay on June 23) Welcome to Relay! My name is Robyn Lynn … Continue reading Why Not Now?

Namaste Revisited

I forget I have only one boob.  At least once every day - even though it has been years since it was carved off to save my life - I forget and have to go through the mental rearrangement to accept the unacceptable. Like popping a lemon drop candy in your mouth only to find … Continue reading Namaste Revisited

Running Shoes

My running shoes are sitting by the front door. Not my real ones – those are still sitting in the closet collecting dust. These are the shoes that magically appear and starting screaming RUN! when change is in the air leaving me feeling out of control and desperately seeking solid ground. Like a deer fleeing … Continue reading Running Shoes