We have a new hive at our house, a lovely windowed top bar that Neil built. Neil, hive builder extraordinare! It found a home against the fence and near a small apple tree in our yard. (IMPORTANT NOTE: The house that shares the fence is not occupied - technically this hive should be several yards way from fence lines, but the homeowner doesn't care. Make sure to talk to your neighbors before installing hives in urban farming areas!) Even though our year old hive (called Amanda) is also in the process of expansion, there is something about new bees getting established in a shiny new hive.

Let’s hear it for the boys!

I check my hive every few days because I am curious and because I am a worry-wart.  I am terrified my bees will be unhappy and leave (though they seem quite content and have lots of room to grow) and I have been watching carefully for signs of an impending swarming. As I learn my … Continue reading Let’s hear it for the boys!

Full Inspection: Day 11

Nearly two weeks since settling my bees into their new home I took the time to do an extensive inspection of the hive. This meant I picked up every bar and spent several minutes examining each looking for brood, honey and the elusive queen. I was excited to see that there was comb on 12 … Continue reading Full Inspection: Day 11