Let’s hear it for the boys!

I check my hive every few days because I am curious and because I am a worry-wart.  I am terrified my bees will be unhappy and leave (though they seem quite content and have lots of room to grow) and I have been watching carefully for signs of an impending swarming. As I learn my … Continue reading Let’s hear it for the boys!

Remodeling the hive – problem comb management

  As discussed in my earlier post : Full Inspection: Day 11  I recently discovered two double combs in the hive. By double I mean that there were TWO independent combs built on the same bar. After some research and questions asked on the FB group I recently joined "Top Bar Hive Beekeeping in the Pacific Northwest", I … Continue reading Remodeling the hive – problem comb management

Full Inspection: Day 11

Nearly two weeks since settling my bees into their new home I took the time to do an extensive inspection of the hive. This meant I picked up every bar and spent several minutes examining each looking for brood, honey and the elusive queen. I was excited to see that there was comb on 12 … Continue reading Full Inspection: Day 11