Language of Love

“I love you” I said as we snuggled on the couch watching movies. The evening suddenly took on the feel of a family gathering where Jr. drops the F-bomb in front of Grandma. We had known each other for years before we started dating and few months into our "couple-hood"  I had no doubt that … Continue reading Language of Love

Participating in our reality

I recently got back from my first residency at grad school (which is why I haven’t written much here!) and something has been in the back of mind ever since. I am studying Creative Writing in a low residency program that meets every semester for a week at notoriously haunted Fort Warden in the northwest … Continue reading Participating in our reality

And the ripples go out…..

This was NOT how I wanted to spend my birthday…. Only July 25 Mom and I were at tea celebrating my birthday and return from my first graduate school residency (which is why I haven’t written here in so long) . My phone kept vibrating but I happily ignored it figuring it was birthday wishes … Continue reading And the ripples go out…..

Cultivating asparagus

I have been putting in an asparagus bed this Spring - an interesting process for a girl with some serious commitment issues. Growing asparagus takes a lot of preparation and care and needs to be left alone for two years before it is harvested. And not only does it take forever  before you can eat … Continue reading Cultivating asparagus