Choosing Flow over Fear: On Faith and Decisions

"Your idea of alignment [with flow] has to do with stripping away, laying down, offering up to sacrifice…There is nothing you hold in light and love you are asked to give away… All that is yours and all that you discard are choices…Stand in the flow with an open heart, with an open sense of potential and awareness. There is not great stripping away, no great fire burning you to a cinder. A cinder is not what you were meant to be.”

To Want, To Dream, To Achieve

It is hard to want something—I mean to really want something enough to dream it into existence. Some people would say that you earn it, or work hard for what you want, but for me, achieving anything starts in the act of manifestation. In knowing to my core that whatever I wish is what I deserve, believing it possible, then trusting that I have already made it happen."

Moving Into Fear (or Basic Buddhism for Skiers)

Skiing has taught me one thing with certainty – resistance only increases the chance of receiving the opposite outcome than I intended. For those of you unenlightened non-skiing people, here is a brief ski lesson: the front end (tip)  is the steering end, the back-end (tail) acts as a gas pedal.  Regardless of my young … Continue reading Moving Into Fear (or Basic Buddhism for Skiers)