Form vs Function (revised)

(explicit – sorry mom!) Form vs. Function The conversation went something like this: “It would really suck to lose a body part” “Yeah, tell me about it” “That is different” “How so?” “A hand or foot is functional.  They serve a purpose.  It would be hard to live without them” “ And you think losing … Continue reading Form vs Function (revised)


At the beginning and end of every yoga class as well as multiple times throughout we are asked to bring our hands together in Namaste.  For those non- yogi’s, the “Namaste” gesture, or mudra,  is placing your hands in prayer position with your  thumbs resting on your sternum next to your heart /at your heart chakra.  … Continue reading Namaste

Saying Goodbye

I recently attended the “funeral” of my beautiful friend Leslie who is in fact still living. This may seem like a shockingly bizarre thing to hold, much less attend, but her life changed abruptly and dramatically in an instant, leaving her with little resemblance between the “before” and “after” Leslie. While coming home from work … Continue reading Saying Goodbye

Getting to know the Girls

So in the interest of starting at the beginning, I believe it is important to understand  what these two jiggly things really meant to me before cancer took one away and I began an occasionally obsessive journey of self-exploration. Let’s get one thing straight ….in my memory I was never in possession of the perfect … Continue reading Getting to know the Girls