Back In the Beek Saddle

I went out to check the hive this morning with more than a little trepidation. Even ever stoic Neil seemed a little concerned after last week's double whammy of back to back stings with massive reactions. My eyes are just now back to normal even though the sting site on my nose isn't quite healed. The sting on my … Continue reading Back In the Beek Saddle

Let’s hear it for the boys!

I check my hive every few days because I am curious and because I am a worry-wart.  I am terrified my bees will be unhappy and leave (though they seem quite content and have lots of room to grow) and I have been watching carefully for signs of an impending swarming. As I learn my … Continue reading Let’s hear it for the boys!

Remodeling the hive – problem comb management

  As discussed in my earlier post : Full Inspection: Day 11  I recently discovered two double combs in the hive. By double I mean that there were TWO independent combs built on the same bar. After some research and questions asked on the FB group I recently joined "Top Bar Hive Beekeeping in the Pacific Northwest", I … Continue reading Remodeling the hive – problem comb management