Choosing Flow over Fear: On Faith and Decisions

"Your idea of alignment [with flow] has to do with stripping away, laying down, offering up to sacrifice…There is nothing you hold in light and love you are asked to give away… All that is yours and all that you discard are choices…Stand in the flow with an open heart, with an open sense of potential and awareness. There is not great stripping away, no great fire burning you to a cinder. A cinder is not what you were meant to be.”

Light it up

“Contradiction I’m conflicted with being a hypocrite And through these songs you can witness it The difference is that I admit this shit ‘cause I’m just like you Walking the fine line between saying it And living it” ~Macklemore I have quit writing more times than I can count.  In fact, I have quit many … Continue reading Light it up

“Just use it with some grace….”

This summer I had an experience that made me question not only my general competency and wisdom but my very right to do the very things I feel so compelled to do.  While the details of what exactly happened would be meaningless to the outsider, it is enough to say that someone I loved deeply … Continue reading “Just use it with some grace….”

Resistance is futile

One of my favorite bad guy lines of all time is “ Resistance is Futile “ courtesy of  The Borg from Star Trek Next Generation.  The Borg were a collective entity that assimilated their victims in an attempt to reach a sort of computerized all–knowing perfection.  Their standard “resistance is futile” line was the last … Continue reading Resistance is futile