MPHS is MY School

This is not a story I ever thought I would have to write. One week ago, on Friday, October 24,2014, a fourteen year old boy asked his two male cousins and three female friends to meet him at a table in the Marysville Pilchuck High School cafeteria at lunch. He walked up to them, pointed a … Continue reading MPHS is MY School

The Day Every Girl Dreams Of – Reading

The following is my Goddard MFA graduate reading given July 2013 in Port Townsend, Wa. This is an excerpt from my memoir These Are Not Secrets, the story of a young poverty-stricken mother who makes a reckless and horrific bargain with a dangerous man to gain security for her children.  How she survives and is eventually … Continue reading The Day Every Girl Dreams Of – Reading

Touching The Vein

A friend had an opportunity to read her writing aloud at our MFA residency.  She is well liked and outgoing and we were familiar with her story.  There should have been no surprises; it should have felt like a safe environment. She read an excerpt from her journal about the challenges of raising a daughter … Continue reading Touching The Vein