February is About Seeds!

Now is the time to get a head start on growing veggies and perennials by starting seeds indoors. I have gotten serious about starting seeds for the first time – maybe watching things grow has become my way of coping with not being as active! Make sure to  look for seed brands and varieties that … Continue reading February is About Seeds!


Q& A With the Beek – Part 1

I get asked a lot of questions. In fact, I feel guilty for monopolizing discussions at parties because I am so passionate about bees and people are so interested!  So I thought I'd post a Q& A, starting with the number one question I get asked and then moving forward randomly from there. THE NUMBER … Continue reading Q& A With the Beek – Part 1

The Sorrow of Bees

Robyn Lynn

My friend Amanda died nearly two weeks ago. She was barely in her forties. She died of a very aggressive form of breast cancer she had been fighting for less than a year. The last time I spoke with her I thought she was done with treatment. Now she is dead.

I didn’t take her death well, though it wasn’t like we were best friends. I hadn’t even seen her since the early stages of her diagnosis. I’ve experienced a lot of deaths, old and young, so it’s not like death is a new thing. I’m not one of those people who glom onto bad news, but this hit me much harder than I’d expected. I was awash in grief for days, surprised by tears dripping down my cheeks. The sorrowful sound of despair would startle me mid-memory, only to realize that the sound had come from me. I was truly grief stricken.


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Back In the Beek Saddle

I went out to check the hive this morning with more than a little trepidation. Even ever stoic Neil seemed a little concerned after last week's double whammy of back to back stings with massive reactions. My eyes are just now back to normal even though the sting site on my nose isn't quite healed. The sting on my … Continue reading Back In the Beek Saddle