Wonder Land

A version of this can be seen in issue  #41 of SUGAR MULE LITERARY MAGAZINE: WOMEN WRITING NATURE I am most at peace away from buildings and street noise, surrounded by lush evergreens. Only in the wilderness do I feel truly steady, my feet rooted in the ground. The trails and dirt roads of the … Continue reading Wonder Land

Another Good Day To Be Alive

Three hours into my second day of skiing I already needed a break.  It was a powder day, but here in the Pacific Northwest "powder" is still heavy, requiring effort to get back up  if you go down.  I had already required several extractions that morning: double ejection face-plants necessitating  climbing uphill to search for … Continue reading Another Good Day To Be Alive

Moving Into Fear (or Basic Buddhism for Skiers)

Skiing has taught me one thing with certainty – resistance only increases the chance of receiving the opposite outcome than I intended. For those of you unenlightened non-skiing people, here is a brief ski lesson: the front end (tip)  is the steering end, the back-end (tail) acts as a gas pedal.  Regardless of my young … Continue reading Moving Into Fear (or Basic Buddhism for Skiers)

Cultivating asparagus

I have been putting in an asparagus bed this Spring - an interesting process for a girl with some serious commitment issues. Growing asparagus takes a lot of preparation and care and needs to be left alone for two years before it is harvested. And not only does it take forever  before you can eat … Continue reading Cultivating asparagus