Honoring Survivorship

Last weekend was Nation Cancer Survivors Day and this weekend was my hometown’s American Cancer Society Relay for Life fundraiser in which my dad and I were the survivor speakers. As I complete my tattoo and celebrate my acceptance to grad school, I find myself deep in thought about survivorship and what life after cancer … Continue reading Honoring Survivorship

A Survivor’s Reminder

Like most survivors, I am terrified of being diagnosed with cancer again. Every weird feeling, illness or overtired day makes me think that something is seriously wrong with me. Facing these fears head on provides an opportunity to learn to stay present in the process when the fear of “what if” keeps you awake at … Continue reading A Survivor’s Reminder

Victim or Survivor?

I have a cancer survivor friend who has become a victim of the disease.  He has let the diagnosis of several years back claim not only his past, but his future.  Cancer took control of his life without permission, and now even though it is gone, it still rules his world.  In his view his … Continue reading Victim or Survivor?

Tigers Above and Below (blog version)

So often in life we are faced with situations that seem to have no positive outcome viewed from our current perspective.  As we are perched precariously between difficult situations in which we feel like we have lost control we are actually a place in which we can actively choose to shape our experience instead of being … Continue reading Tigers Above and Below (blog version)