To Climb Mountains

When you are in the mountains, you find out who you really are.  Any mistake I make could mean death. And when it comes to that moment, you want to survive. You want to live. I climb so I can live every moment of my life. Nimsdai Purja, 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible One year ago, … Continue reading To Climb Mountains

Rogue Revelation

Thirty-plus years ago (YIKES!) my parents did something that changed the course of my life: they took me whitewater rafting. I grew up outdoors. My first hike up Mount Pilchuck was when I was too young to have, much less tie, my own hiking boots. I still remember the mildewy canvas smell of our army-green … Continue reading Rogue Revelation

How Do We Feel Safe In an Unsafe Place?

      I drove to work today bathed in the thick scent of cheap cologne. It was the smell of violation and it made my stomach lurch. This morning I opened my car door to find the contents of my console emptied onto the seat, my homemade cds rifled through, my cheap sunglasses examined … Continue reading How Do We Feel Safe In an Unsafe Place?