Rogue Revelation

Thirty-plus years ago (YIKES!) my parents did something that changed the course of my life: they took me whitewater rafting. I grew up outdoors. My first hike up Mount Pilchuck was when I was too young to have, much less tie, my own hiking boots. I still remember the mildewy canvas smell of our army-green … Continue reading Rogue Revelation

How Do We Feel Safe In an Unsafe Place?

      I drove to work today bathed in the thick scent of cheap cologne. It was the smell of violation and it made my stomach lurch. This morning I opened my car door to find the contents of my console emptied onto the seat, my homemade cds rifled through, my cheap sunglasses examined … Continue reading How Do We Feel Safe In an Unsafe Place?

Enter the Dragon….Again

Personal power isn't something we give up all at once. It is chipped away at, little by little, by circumstances and people and illness and a whole slew of other things until one day we realize what has happened. Or don't -- plenty of people never, ever realize they've given up their power at all.