Namaste Revisited

I forget I have only one boob.  At least once every day - even though it has been years since it was carved off to save my life - I forget and have to go through the mental rearrangement to accept the unacceptable. Like popping a lemon drop candy in your mouth only to find … Continue reading Namaste Revisited

Enter the Dragon – PART TWO

Please read Enter the Dragon PART ONE first! From the first day I heard my dragon tattoo calling to me I have felt different about my body.  I look in the mirror and feel stronger, sexier, and more ME already.  But in order to get us together, I have some huge steps to undergo. Imagine if … Continue reading Enter the Dragon – PART TWO

Enter the Dragon PART ONE

It is a hard thing to communicate what is closest to the  heart, and as much as anyone, I often struggle with putting words to paper.  While I have written about body image and breast cancer here, I have  only touched the surface of how deeply traumatized I, and other young women, are by the … Continue reading Enter the Dragon PART ONE

How do YOU define support?

sup·port (s-pôrt, -prt)  tr.v. sup·port·ed, sup·port·ing, sup·ports To bear the weight of;  hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking, or slipping To give moral or psychological support, aid, or courage to To be capable of bearing; withstand To keep from weakening or failing; strengthen To provide aid in battle How we ask for and receive support … Continue reading How do YOU define support?