A New Adventure: Sparrow & Raven

My lovely business partner’s thoughts on our endeavor, Sparrow and Raven: Where Writers Flock Together!


flying-atwood-meme That’s my girl flying high, feeling the power. I’m more drawn to words, words, words.

It’s time to embark on a new adventure. Robyn Lynn, of RobynLynnwriter, and I have teamed up to offer writing help, instant inspiration, monthly jolts of creative juice, and/or, big fun on the road. Our new website is beautiful and the journey is beauty in action.

Since we started this business, and it’s not even officially a week old yet, I’ve fielded several questions more than once, so I thought I’d address those:

coffee-cups_00367940  Why start a writing business? True story: writers need day jobs, and both of us do this kind of work already. I teach and work with individuals, and Robyn has long promoted the idea of the connection between nature and writing, exploring new places to soak up the wild world and write. By combining what we do, we hope to…

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