Loss of Right to Farm in Michigan


 please read : Loss of right to farm in Michigan

A writer friend in Michigan recently blogged about this weeks ruling in Michigan that can result in arbitrary bans on small livestock (like chickens and bees!) on private property if there is a residence within 250 feet of property lines where the livestock resides.  This is an important ruling from a personal perspective – effectively telling families what they can do with their land regardless of the size of the property itself, and from a political one – big agriculture does not like small-time competition. As a small-time, quarter acre “homesteader” who raises vegetables, fruit and eggs, in addition to keeping bees purely for the pleasure of it, I am appalled at the attempt of a government to curtail any attempts at partial self-sufficiency over the desire of the monied to have control over resources like land and food.This seems to not be an issue of animal welfare or public nuisance, but an attempt to control how we live our lives and choose to care for our families. If you don’t want to live next to a small farm, don’t move to the country. And if you don’t want the government controlling your food, you better start paying attention to how much money big agri-business feeds the political machine. Please read Trish’s article and become better informed.

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