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The road wound through a narrow gap between two mountains, clinging to a steep heather covered rise on one side and falling away at a dizzying pitch on the other. … Continue reading

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How Do We Feel Safe In an Unsafe Place?

      I drove to work today bathed in the thick scent of cheap cologne. It was the smell of violation and it made my stomach lurch. This morning … Continue reading

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Don’t Turn Down the Boatman

..there is something about being on vacation that brings out the daring, something that paid off in leaps and bounds on our trip to Ireland. Neil and I hadn’t made plans past where we were staying each night, instead we relied on gut feelings and a handful of maps (with varying degrees of accuracy) to stumble our way into amazing scenery and experiences. Almost every day for a month it felt like we were put in exactly the right place at the right moment to come home with stories that don’t seem real even though we lived them. The day we spent driving the western edge of Killarney National Park remains one of my favorite days in a trip of amazing experiences.

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Never Take the Same Road Twice – Travels in the Burren

We don’t travel like other people.

We learned that the hard way the last time we were in Ireland, traveling with friends who were not amused by our gleeful appreciation of tiny roads with hairpin turns.

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And So It Begins….

We leaned into these questions. We sought the edge of our contentedness, wanted to know who we were away from who we were. We wanted to see each other under new skies, in someone else’s rain, covered in the the muck of excitement, challenge and exhaustion.

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I Wouldn’t Want You to Think….

I have a secret. I’ve been told to keep quiet about it. Not that I didn’t already know that I should. After all, she said, you wouldn’t want them to … Continue reading

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Enter the Dragon….Again

Personal power isn’t something we give up all at once. It is chipped away at, little by little, by circumstances and people and illness and a whole slew of other things until one day we realize what has happened. Or don’t — plenty of people never, ever realize they’ve given up their power at all.

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Choosing Flow over Fear: On Faith and Decisions

“Your idea of alignment [with flow] has to do with stripping away, laying down, offering up to sacrifice…There is nothing you hold in light and love you are asked to give away… All that is yours and all that you discard are choices…Stand in the flow with an open heart, with an open sense of potential and awareness. There is not great stripping away, no great fire burning you to a cinder. A cinder is not what you were meant to be.”

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The Respiration of the Universe : The Metaphysics of Spellcheck and LinkedIn

“What would be different in our lives if we went from our frenzy of worry over change to believing that the change we desired had already occurred smoothly?”

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OSO MUCH LOVE – REPOSTED Because Oso Still Matters

It is important to remember Oso as a vibrant place, not as a disaster zone. The community was, and is, a tightly knit family of caring, generous people. People chose to live there for a reason — because it was beautiful and it remains so. It has shown its heart through tragedy and it continues to rise above the mud.

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