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Words of a Warrior

Choosing Flow over Fear: On Faith and Decisions

“Your idea of alignment [with flow] has to do with stripping away, laying down, offering up to sacrifice…There is nothing you hold in light and love you are asked to give away… All that is yours and all that you discard are choices…Stand in the flow with an open heart, with an open sense of potential and awareness. There is not great stripping away, no great fire burning you to a cinder. A cinder is not what you were meant to be.”

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The Respiration of the Universe : The Metaphysics of Spellcheck and LinkedIn

“What would be different in our lives if we went from our frenzy of worry over change to believing that the change we desired had already occurred smoothly?”

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The Sorrow of Bees

What I still find myself wondering–obsessing over really—is this: how did she make her peace with letting go of all of that in such a short amount of time? Would I have been able to do the same?

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Ascent Magazine publishes photo and short essay

Ascent, the literary magazine of Concordia College, recently asked to publish a photo I took while on a walk in a neighborhood park.  Please visit their beautiful site  HERE .  Click on my … Continue reading

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OSO MUCH LOVE – REPOSTED Because Oso Still Matters

It is important to remember Oso as a vibrant place, not as a disaster zone. The community was, and is, a tightly knit family of caring, generous people. People chose to live there for a reason — because it was beautiful and it remains so. It has shown its heart through tragedy and it continues to rise above the mud.

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F@#k Yeah!

I was so used to an attitude of scarcity that I couldn’t see the rich choices I had. India was what was available so I said yes, thinking it was my only option. I hadn’t even considered what else I could do. Or, what I really wanted to do.

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A Disturbing Day

Please take a moment to read this powerful blog post by my friend Karen Hugg A Disturbing Day.

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Listening for Words

Writing is a twisting trail through rough terrain, and I try to be open to the unexpected places the journey can take me. Truth revealed in words is often discovered in tucked away corners, a shifty thing that doesn’t unveil itself easily.”

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MPHS is MY School

This is not a story I ever thought I would have to write. One week ago, on Friday, October 24,2014, a fourteen year old boy asked his two male cousins … Continue reading

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Drombeg – The First Stone

I’d never really thought of myself as the fairy sort, but there was no denying the little creatures of light that flitted in front of me. Gold and silver, all … Continue reading

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