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Wild Surprises

  I inherited my garden in the dead of winter from a tiny Italian lady who had been unable to care for it for a number of years before she … Continue reading

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An Intimate Nature

Seeking out these moments of intimacy with the natural world on a small level, like a walk in an urban watershed park, or large, like an extended backcountry trip, are critical to my wellbeing.I need to be someplace where human sounds are not the primary thing I hear. The artificial colors and lightening of my day to day existence need to be replaced by the hues and shadows of the forest, the glow of starlight and the way soft rays of sunlight filter through fir boughs. I need to smell the warm spiciness of pitch, to feel the thick roughness of bark under my hand, to have birdcalls and moving water be the loudest sound in my ears. I need this because I am a part of it—something I forget when I get dressed in my technical fabric clothes and drive off in my fossil fuel consuming vehicle to work in my artificially lit and heated store selling gear for other people to play outside.

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Love Is All There Is.

[This] is what love does. And love is all there is.

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Pardon me….my feminism is showing (explicit content)

“I have a bumper sticker on my car that says, “Obedient woman are never remembered in history”. It is pithy and easy to say. The living it is harder.”

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Bee Here Now

“…the bee sisters bring me back to my core, to what is important – doing the work, whatever it is, with mindfulness and presence.”

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To Want, To Dream, To Achieve

It is hard to want something—I mean to really want something enough to dream it into existence. Some people would say that you earn it, or work hard for what you want, but for me, achieving anything starts in the act of manifestation. In knowing to my core that whatever I wish is what I deserve, believing it possible, then trusting that I have already made it happen.”

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Originally posted on metonymicalpen:
A work in progress Consider this conversation I had with my nine year old today: “I need some stuff so I can write a letter to…

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OSO MUCH LOVE: What I want you to know about Oso, Darrington and the Stilly

I have wanted to write about the Stillaguamish River (known affectionately as the Stilly) and the towns of Oso and Darrington. But like the tons of mud that slid down a mountain side nearly two weeks ago, words are slippery and elusive. There are so many words, so much I could say, that like that clay, they have stuck themselves together and lodged in my throat and fingers.

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Life Is All About the Rally : On Hangovers and Hangups

“…shit happens more often than not. But, here is the thing: all that really matters is how you come back from it. The important thing is what you do next. Life is all about the rally.”

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Love in Unexpected Places

Rose Quartz surfaces spontaneously in my yard. The various sizes and shades of pink stone unearth at odd moments, as if pushed suddenly from the ground by forces that needed me to hear a message, delivered with solidity.

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Writing about whatever strikes my fancy

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